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To send us a booking enquiry is the best option for geting explicit information about your holiday planning. Just fill in the form on this page and click on 'send'. we'll get right back to you. Completion of our booking enquiry form is your best option for obtaining detailed information and helping us plan your dream yacht charter. Simply complete the form under the "booking enquiry" tab, and click send. We'll get right back to you.

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Booking and Payment

If you wish to book a charter holiday or a day trip, and you know the yacht is available, please, email us to confirm your booking. You will then receive an invoice stating the amounts to be paid: the Deposit (30%) and the Final Payment (70%). The Deposit is due no later than 7 days after the invoice has been sent. After paying the Deposit, please, inform us of your payment. We will immediately send you a confirmation by email upon receiving the Deposit. The Final Payment of the invoice is to be paid no later than 60 days before the departure date of your charter.
Please note:

  • * Bookings made less than 60 days before departure date are to be paid in full in one single payment.
  • * Late payment of the Deposit or Final Payment results in your booked space not being secure.

Altering a booking

Provided it does not interfere with our schedules, there are normally no charges for minor alterations. If the change is major it will be dealt with on a per booking basis relating to the circumstances.

Cancellations and Insurance

Cancellations need to be advised of in writing by fax or email. The date we receive the message is the one used in calculating any charge. The following charges apply for cancellations:

  • * more than 12 weeks before the charter date
  • * between 12 and 8 weeks before the charter date
  • * between 8 and 4 weeks before charter date
  • * within 4 weeks of the charter date...
    • ... you pay 30% of the total charter fee
    • ... you pay 50% of the total charter fee
    • ... you pay 80% of the total charter fee
    • ... you pay 100% of charter fee.

We strongly recommend obtaining cancellation insurance! We also recommend that guests obtain holiday insurance covering the activities and sports they intend to undertake.


Where itineraries are given they may be subject to change due to weather conditions or other circumstances. The final decision regarding the itinerary lies with the skipper of the charter. In all cases safety aboard has priority.

Information Provided

The information we provide regarding yachts, itineraries, crew, dive sites, transfers, arrival/departures and all other aspects of the charters is correct to the best of our knowledge.

Equipment Breakdowns

A modern yacht contains many pieces of machinery and equipment, which have to work in a marine environment. Although the yachts are very well maintained, equipment breakdown can still occur. As long as the quality of the trip is not unduly affected in the event of equipment breakdown, such a breakdown by itself is no ground for complaint.


Should a guest have a complaint they should inform the skipper of the yacht, or in case of bareboat charter the guest should inform the shore base. The skipper (or the shore base) will do the utmost to rectify the problem. Complaints, which have not first been expressed to the skipper (or to the shore base in case of bareboat charter) can not be taken into consideration.

We reserve the right to change any of the above as circumstances dictate without prior notice.

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