Krabi town is the cultural centre of Krabi province, with an airport operating regular flights to and from Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

It is the entry point for most tourists travelling to Koh Lanta or one of the other idyllic islands of the Southern Andaman Sea, and is the doorway to the some of the most beautiful sailing in the world.

Far less crowded than nearby Phuket, the Krabi province has gained popularity over recent years for its beautiful scenery of impressive limestone mountains, Khao Sok National Park, and stunning beaches of Railey and Ao Nang.

Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is an island south of Krabi town, and is perfectly positioned for exploring the beautiful waters and paradise islands of the Southern Andaman Sea. The west coast is blessed with a continuous run of white sandy sunset beaches, set against a backdrop of palm trees and a lush green mountain ridge that runs from north to south.

The island offers a range of accommodation to suit all budgets, and activities to suit all temperaments. Beach parties, secluded areas of beauty, kayaking, Thai cooking lessons, elephant trekking, scuba diving and Thai boxing are just some of the activities available, but by far the most popular pass time is to simply sit and relax at one the island's untold spots of natural beauty.

Best Time for Sailing: The best time for sailing in The Andaman Sea is between the months of October and May, when the water is at its calmest and storms are usually rare.

How to get there: By far the most pleasant and relaxing way to travel from Krabi to Koh Lanta is by incorporating the journey into your holiday and chartering a yacht. See our transfer cruises. Alternatively, we can arrange a pick up from Krabi airport to take you to your hotel on Koh Lanta, via two car ferries. If you would rather find your own way there, passenger ferries leave from Krabi town on a daily basis.

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Lanta Sailing The Most Distinctive Sailing Company in the Krabi Province.

Koh Lanta - Krabi's Best Placed Base for Yacht Charters

Sailing Yacht Charters South Andaman Sea in Krabi, Thailand
Sailing to the hidden Gems in Southern Thailand's Andaman Sea around Krabi and Koh Lanta